Saving Our Earth





Jonathan Loved the Earth

He was truly concerned about global warming and our enormous, abusive consumption of natural resources. 

Imagine this: If every driver in the United States quite speeding,
we would have a significant reduction in the need for Middle Eastern oil. 

What a small sacrifice for us compared to the injury, death, constant suffering
and expected fear that our service persons face every single moment at war.

Jonathan’s practical effort at “saving the Earth” began with Artesia Clean & Beautiful,
which whom he was a partner, volunteer and later a supervisory employee for the summer. 

He learned and practiced much concerning ecology, little control, beautification, recycling and more. 
Many trees have already been planted in Jonathan’s honor and we plan to continue. 

Did You Know?  Planting a tree can absorb over 1 ton of carbon from the atmosphere
in its average 40 year life span.

Remember:  A tree lives forever in someone’s honor or memory
and makes a wonderful wedding, birthday or any occasion gift.

One day the Jonathan Sherman Spradling Memorial will award grants for these efforts.

Text Box: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

~Mohatma Gandhi

For more information on helping the climate crisis, please visit:

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